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IV MEU Basque Country 2023


March 31

April 3,4,5

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What is it?


If this is your first MEU BASQUE COUNTRY, we recommend reading the inscription information site, where we explain the different roles you can play

The UPV/EHU Debate Association, in collaboration with Eurobasque, organizes this year the third edition of the MEU Basque Country. A MEU (Model of the European Union) is a simulation of the institutions of the European Union. Participants will put themselves in the shoes of high European leaders to simulate the dynamics of the European Union.


The III. MEU Basque Country will simulate the Council of the EU and the European Parliament. Participants will take part in different committees where specific issues will be addressed. There will also be a press team and a translation and interpretation team.


Participants will be chosen among university students. They will have to conduct negotiations and defend the interests they represent. Through this experience participants will enjoy themselves and deepen their knowledge on some of the most important issues at an international level. They will also develop all kinds of transversal skills, which will be of great value in the professional field.

If you are a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate student, join us!

*Registration open until:                         February 25 (Chairs)                      March 10 (Participants)



If you are a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate student, join us!

El viernes 24 de marzo comienza la primera toma de contacto con el IV. MEU Basque Country. Contaremos con la presencia de Izaskun Bilbao, Eurodiputada con una amplia experiencia en diferentes organismos políticos, que nos explicará como funciona el día a día del Parlamento Europeo. Además, nos acompañarán representantes jóvenes de los principales partidos políticos, que debatirán sobre algunos de los temas que trataremos en la simulación. 


Participants will be divided into six committees  to address various current issues

Click on each committee for more information


MEU Gallery

The MEU Basque Country has already been carried out successfully several times. 

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